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Celebrating Our Nomination for Paid Media Campaign of the Year!

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Published Date 17.08.2023

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated for the Paid Media Campaign of the Year at the Global Digital Excellence Awards!

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are a digital marketing agency based in Essex, specialising in search, social, and programmatic advertising. We are a dynamic team of 16 passionate experts specialising in paid media and SEO. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we elevate digital brands and make a positive, environmentally friendly impact on the world. Our mission extends beyond the marketing realm – we’re on a path to become Net Zero by 2030 and aim to plant one million trees alongside Ecologi & Tree Nation.

This nomination is a shining testament to the exceptional collaboration we’ve had with the fantastic team at Leitz Paper Shredders. Together, we embarked on an exciting journey to conquer their growth challenges and achieve remarkable results for their paper shredder products. None of this would have been possible without the tireless dedication of our own dynamic team.

Let’s take a deep dive into our campaign that earned us this nomination!

 Collaborating with Leitz Paper Shredders

In 2022, we collaborated with Leitz Paper Shredders, owned by ACCO Brands, to overcome the challenges faced in 2021 while aiming for significant growth in their paper shredder product line.

Our mission was clear – to achieve unprecedented growth in 2022, surpassing the achievements of the previous year, which had benefited from the surge in demand for home office solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the absence of eCommerce functionality on Leitz’s website presented a unique obstacle. Rather than selling directly, Leitz heavily invested in paid activity to maintain visibility during the online buying process, directing conversion-ready leads to their dealers.

To conquer these challenges, we formulated a cohesive paid strategy and campaign management to be executed across 15 European markets throughout 2022. The campaign’s core objectives were twofold: first, to increase our share of search impressions, and second, to generate a greater number of ‘Where to Buy’ leads compared to the results of 2021.

Our Multi-Campaign Approach

Given our focus on B2C home office professionals as our primary audience, we opted for a multi-campaign/multi-channel approach tailored to home office needs:

  • Google Search Paid Text Ads: We targeted keywords such as ‘home office shredders,’ ‘shredders for your home,’ and other relevant terms, emphasising the concept of working from home or seeking home shredders. This channel was the main driver for our budget allocation.
  • Google Display Ads ‘Prospecting’ / Google Display Ads ‘Remarketing’: We leveraged ads directed at a range of predefined Google audience categories/data. Remarketing played a pivotal role in measuring ‘direct leads.’
  • Facebook and Instagram Display Ads: Our campaigns targeted pre-defined audience personas and interest categories on these social media platforms, marking the first full year of campaign activation.

Achieving Remarkable Results

Within 8 months, Leitz overtook its main competitor as the number 1 searched for shredder brand in Germany, one of Europe’s most competitive markets. And that’s not all:

  • We achieved an impressive 74% growth in ‘Share of Voice for Search’ 
  • We obtained tens of thousands of additional ‘where to buy leads’ in 2022 for their shredders. This remarkable 79% improvement in leads far exceeded the average growth rate of 20% across all their product categories.
  • Our focus on AutoFeed shredders proved successful, as Leitz defended and expanded its significant office business in the UK, France, and Germany, experiencing 14% growth and doubling its market share. As for direct competitors? They faced market share declines.

 Continuing the Journey

Before we worked with Leitz, each country was trying to do their own thing, each with local agencies – with all the unnecessary duplication of in-house time and agency management fees that entails. By working with a single agency, we achieved economies of scale and allowed countries the flexibility to tailor strategies to their budgets, needs, and cultural nuances. This allowed us to standardise reporting to enhance efficiency.

The campaign’s success was so impactful that we continued working with Leitz paper shredders in 2023. This speaks to the strength of our partnership, as ACCO achieved  additional 2023 budget for PPC and SEO support across other office supply categories, including brands like Leitz, Nobo, and Rexel.

Founder of Climbing Trees, Alex Holliman says “We’re grateful for this esteemed nomination and the opportunity to partner with outstanding clients like Leitz Paper Shredders. Behind this remarkable achievement stands the relentless dedication and hard work of our extraordinary team. We look forward to seeing everyone at the award ceremony!”

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