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Digital Pioneers: Ruby Digital’s Award-Nominated Digital Marketing Strategies

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Published Date 04.09.2023

In the bustling realm of digital marketing, standing out requires a blend of innovation, dedication, and expertise. At Ruby Digital, we’ve embraced these principles, continuously striving to offer effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Since our inception, our focus has always been on creating value – both in terms of SEO and content marketing. It’s not just about driving traffic. For us, it’s about driving meaningful, converting traffic that catalyses tangible growth.

We’re immensely proud to announce that Ruby Digital has been shortlisted for four accolades at the Global Digital Excellence Awards this year, including Best Low Budget PPC Campaign, Best Low Budget SEO Campaign, Best Tool Platform for RubyLeads©, and the highly coveted SEO Agency of the Year. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and the trust our clients place in us.

About the Team

What sets Ruby Digital apart isn’t solely our strategies or tools but the exceptional minds propelling them forward. We pride ourselves on our vibrant virtual-remote setup – a modern approach that defies conventional office boundaries.

This model not only allows us to tap into a reservoir of global talent, but also ensures work-life balance, fostering creativity and innovation. Our team is our most invaluable asset, with each member selected for their passion, expertise, and vision.

To cement our dedication to professional growth, we introduced the StepUp Development programme, a comprehensive initiative tailored to cultivate skills, nurture talent, and ensure high staff retention rates. From PPC gurus and Google Ads specialists to seasoned SEO mavens, every member embodies our ethos – to not just meet but exceed digital benchmarks.

Awards We Were Shortlisted for This Year

Being recognised in the digital space is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and hard work our team pours into every project. This year, we’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for four prestigious GDEA, and the numbers speak for themselves!

Best Low Budget PPC Campaign – Gillian & Co.

For Gillian & Co., we leveraged a precise blend of targeted keyword research and innovative ad copywriting. We’re big believers in understanding user intent and behaviour, and even with budget constraints, we were able to deploy a PPC campaign that maximised ROI. By keeping a keen eye on monitoring and making data-driven adjustments, we’ve proudly elevated Gillian & Co.’s online visibility and conversions without breaking the bank.

  • ROI: ROI saw a 676.86% improvement.
  • Conversions: Jumped by 569.35% and revenue increased by 615%.

Best Low Budget SEO Campaign – Scorebet

With Scorebet, we dived deep into niche-specific SEO strategies, refining on-page elements and curating top-notch, relevant content. Even on a tight budget, our tailored approach shot Scorebet’s organic traffic through the roof. It just goes to show that excellence isn’t just about big spending, but also about smart strategising!

  • Organic Sessions: Saw an uplift of 73.74%.
  • Event Completions: Increased by 47.75%.

Best Tool Platform – RubyLeads©

Built to connect our clients with their potential customers, RubyLeads© zeros in on targeted traffic, ensuring every click has the potential to lead to a conversion. With its standout features, clients get a closer look at their leads, leading to smarter marketing decisions. With RubyLeads©, we’re giving businesses a tool that turns their online game into a conversion powerhouse.

RubyLeads©, our in-house developed tool, transformed our clients’ Google Ads performance:

  • MQLs: Grew by 100%.
  • Client Retainer Value: Saw a 300% value improvement.
  • Google Ads Metrics: Clicks went up by 10.49%, and Cost per Click improved by 7.83%.

SEO Agency of the Year – Ruby Digital

Being nominated as SEO Agency of the Year isn’t just about our know-how, but also about our all-in approach to digital marketing. At Ruby Digital, we don’t just aim for rankings – we’re all about achieving and maintaining excellence in every SEO aspect.

From in-depth audits to content marketing and educating our clients, we’re set on ensuring our partners don’t just rank but truly shine online. This nod is all about our steadfast commitment to pushing SEO’s limits.

Each nomination propels us to set the bar even higher, and we’re deeply grateful for the acknowledgment!

Testimonials and Case Studies

In a world where claims are made left and right, we let our successes do the talking! Our case studies provide a window into our commitment, showcasing tangible results and transformations we’ve orchestrated for our clients. Some of our standout achievements include:

  • Thanda Group: We streamlined and optimised their digital presence, improving website loading time by 52.17%.
  • Rogz: With our targeted strategies, we ramped up their online visibility, resulting in an organic traffic boost by 163%.
  • Trend Group: Enhanced online outreach strategies led to a 36.99% surge in organic traffic.
  • Afristone: Our data-driven SEO tactics bore fruit, leading to a 77.6% increase in organic sessions.
  • Fixitt: They experienced the same leap as Rogz, with a 163% hike in organic traffic.
  • – Wesgro: We helped this client attract over 200 new supplier registrations, as well as elevating user experience.
  • Airlocum: By crafting compelling social media campaigns, we managed to boost sign-ups for this client by an impressive 527.58%.
  • Wijnland Fertility: Minor tweaks and major strategies culminated in a 308% increase in Y-o-Y organic conversions.

What Entering the Awards Means to Us

Being considered for the GDEA is genuinely humbling. This recognition from our peers underlines our consistent efforts and passion in the digital realm. It tells us that our commitment to our clients and our pursuit of excellence is on the right path.

Each nomination is more than just an accolade.

It’s a gentle nudge, reminding every member of the Ruby Digital team to stay curious and committed. It inspires us to continue our journey in the vast landscape of digital marketing, always seeking better ways to serve our clients.

In Closing

As we reflect on our journey thus far, we recognise that our guiding principles at Ruby Digital revolve around commitment, empowerment, and growth. Whether it’s achieving results for our clients, creating a nurturing space for our team, or gaining recognition in the industry, our focus remains on learning and evolving. The GDEA nominations are a testament to our team’s hard work, and as we look ahead, we remain dedicated to making a positive impact, one step at a time.

In the spirit of our shared passion for digital excellence, we’d like to extend our best wishes to all the other contestants in every category. May the best innovations shine!

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