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Mastering Organic Reach: Inspired Marketing in Collaboration with Fiverr Enterprise

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Published Date 04.09.2023

Fiverr Enterprise (formerly Stoke Talent) is an industry-leading Freelance Management System that enables enterprises to hire, onboard and manage their freelance workforce, efficiently and compliantly. They play a crucial role in the freelance economy, by allowing companies to streamline the way they work with freelance talent and avoid falling into costly tax compliance pitfalls.

After their acquisition by Fiverr, they needed to craft a bold brand persona that would appeal to their target audience, particularly in the enterprise space. They needed to be fresh and provocative, but without diluting their core message – a notoriously difficult balance to strike on social media.

Through a partnership with Inspired Marketing, they saw remarkable organic growth in their social media presence, building an audience that included the enterprise procurement personas they needed to reach.

Key Objectives and Challenges

In the wake of the semi-permanent changes wrought by the pandemic, the conversation around recruitment was dominated by burnout, work from home, and other hot-button issues. But this conversation centered primarily on full-time employees. As a Freelance Management System, Fiverr Enterprise needed to radically change the narrative and pioneer an entirely new conversation with the core message: “instead of hiring full-time employees, hire freelancers.”

So, they approached Inspired Marketing, a B2B Digital Agency for B2B Tech, to conduct a global organic social media campaign. The purpose of this campaign would be to cultivate an audience through highly engaging organic content.

From the outset, the goals were as follows:

  • Create market awareness and generate the demand for a better way to manage freelancers, particularly among audiences in the enterprise space.
  • Engage the right audience to tell our story, leveraging LinkedIn as a channel to increase the company’s exposure.
  • Source content from several resources for different target audiences to keep them engaged.
  • Increase social following by 30% annually with a goal of 5,000 followers in 12 months – 66% growth overall.
  • Increase social impressions by 25% annually.
  • Boost the social engagement rate annually by 10% per month.

Inspired Marketing: Custom-Built Solutions for B2B Tech

Inspired Marketing supported Fiverr Enterprise as they moved into their new identity and branding after the acquisition. This ensured continuity with their existing audience, and laid the foundation for growth.

From there, Inspired Marketing got to work building a custom solution for Fiverr Enterprise. This global social media campaign targeted the North American market with a focus on Tech companies, VC-funded or public, 1000+ employees, HR/Procurement/Finance.

This solution encompassed three key concepts:

Daily curated content: pithy commentary focused on controversial topics (often with an unorthodox or unexpected spin).

Edutainment: addressing topical themes through engaging videos, podcasts and PDF breakdowns or microblogs to boost impressions, increase dwell time and stimulate engagement.

Micro masterclasses: creating short podcasts with C-Suite executives to address the audience’s most pressing concerns.

Daily Curated Content: Plugging into the Right Industry Conversations

Based on deep audience research, Inspired Marketing began crafting topical, timely content that addressed burning workforce management questions. In this way, they were able to draw more attention to Fiverr Enterprise’s content and get the right people discussing it online. By speaking in a way that made sense to their target audience, they were able to boost engagement across all social channels, sparking conversations that put Fiverr Enterprise top of mind.

Inspired Marketing tested different content types and lengths to figure out exactly what would engage the audience and get the most productive interaction. They also found opportunities to directly invite the audience to contribute their own insights on everything from serious issues to more light-hearted industry topics:

Edutainment & Micro Masterclasses: Developing Thought Leadership

The second leg of the strategy involved positioning Fiverr Enterprise as a thought leader on freelance management and a wide range of carefully selected topics adjacent to it. The #AskShahar video series was especially successful, highlighting the knowledge and expertise of co-founder and CEO Shahar Erez. This series was both informative and provocative, featuring unique and sometimes unexpected analysis of hot-button issues. Titles like “Why quiet quitting is a myth” and “There is no talent shortage” created highly productive discussions and debates in Fiverr Enterprise’s comment section.

By taking calculated risks like these, Inspired Marketing helped to increase Fiverr Enterprise’s organic reach, and make their social channels a trusted source of industry insight.

The Inspired Marketing team carefully tracked the performance of each asset in order to continually optimize and improve results over time. In the process, they made interesting discoveries about the audience and their preferences. They then used these insights to guide and refine future content.

Results for the Organic LinkedIn campaign running from August 2022 – February 2023 

The ongoing collaboration between Fiverr Enterprise and Inspired Marketing has delivered extraordinary results without any ad spend. Inspired Marketing had to rely on experience, insight and a talented team to achieve results.

  1. Fiverr Enterprise’s LinkedIn following grew by 600+ followers in 5 months through authentic content, without paid ads.
  2. Clicks grew from 134/month (with minimal engagement) to an average of over 2,000 clicks per month.
  3. Fiverr Enterprise’s comments section blew up: from 0 comments to 100+ comments each month from new and returning readers.
  4. Organic impressions grew from 3,227 per month (with an average engagement rate of 4.8%) to over 16,000 a month, with an engagement rate of 24.5%. This is remarkable because it was achieved organically.
  5. The click-through rate grew from 4.1% a month to a consistent 12% each month. This was driven by unique, authentic messaging that encouraged readers to submit questions, engage, share personal stories, and request specific content.

These results show what’s possible when you pair a great brand with truly creative organic social media marketing. To the Inspired Marketing team, the Global Digital Excellence Award nomination is an affirmation of their expertise and the collaborative spirit they pride themselves on.

“With the help of Inspired Marketing, we found more than just a team—we found partners! When we had a bold vision, they dared to walk the road less traveled with us, take creative risks and innovation.” Nir Bar-Sade, VP Marketing | Fiverr Enterprise

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