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Rant – Integrated Digital Agency of the Year finalist

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Published Date 04.09.2023

As the digital landscape evolves, one company stands at the forefront of innovation and user-centric design – Rant. With an unwavering commitment to creating exceptional digital platforms, Rant has forged a legacy of excellence that continues to shine brightly. This year, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re thrilled to share a remarkable achievement that showcases our dedication to excellence – being shortlisted as a finalist for the “Integrated Digital Agency of the Year” category at the prestigious Global Digital Excellence Awards.

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Crafting Digital Experiences: The Essence of Rant

Rant isn’t just a digital studio; it’s a haven for creative minds and technical geniuses who share a common passion – the pursuit of crafting unparalleled user experiences. As a UX design-led digital studio, our portfolio boasts a diverse range of digital platforms, from native mobile apps and web apps to intricate APIs. What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence, innovation, and the power of collaboration.

Exploring Our Expertise: Navigating Digital Horizons

Discover our expertise: Expertise

Our spectrum of services spans various domains:

  • Discovery workshops
  • UX/UI Product Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Web Development
  • API Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • User Testing
  • Product Research
  • DevOps
  • Platform Support and Maintenance

Embracing Impactful Endeavours: The Power of Collaboration

This year’s journey was adorned with collaborative milestones, with each project epitomising our commitment to innovation. A prominent collaboration was with Veygo with whom we crafted a native app that enables users to seamlessly purchase coverage and access existing policies. Our commitment to a native approach guaranteed an unparalleled user experience, and our integration into the Veygo platform fostered a harmonious partnership.  Our partnership with Veygo’s development team has resulted in a staggering crash-free rate exceeding 99%, a testament to our collective expertise and relentless dedication. Experience the journey: Car Insurance App Development.

Our commitment to transformative partnerships extends beyond Veygo:

  • Screen Alliance Wales: Our collaboration with this not-for-profit organisation has resulted in an innovative platform that parallels LinkedIn, connecting individuals in the film and TV industry. Case Study
  • Stone: Our award-winning collaboration with Stone has revolutionised IT equipment recycling, seamlessly integrating user-centric design with Circular IT solutions. Case Study
  • Allianz Commercial North America: Our bespoke content-managed app empowers brokers with crucial information at their fingertips. Case Study
  • Dale: Our Android app for Dale streamlines property maintenance for a specialist company serving well-known commercial clients. Case Study
  • PADI: Our collaboration with PADI AWARE Foundation aligns with their mission of ocean conservation, resulting in an impactful app. Case Study

Becoming Rant in our 20th year

This year, we have launched our rebrand and relaunched as Rant (previously Rantmedia), as part of an ambitious growth plan and its 20th anniversary this year.

Our rebrand reflects our growth since our 2003 launch, with a focus on integrity, creativity, expertise and passion to reflect our vision.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a 160% turnover growth, and added four new members to the board.

The board includes Anton Faulconbridge as CEO, Danielle Llewellyn as Operations Director, Gwen Vaughan as Product Director, Chris Done as Commercial Director and Amy Thorne as Creative Director.

The board of directors is part of the core team at Rant, driving forward the company vision and ensuring success. Collaboration is our strength, working together to deliver exceptional products and services for our trusted partners.

Our board is 60% female, we are proud to be an inclusive organisation and value diversity in our team.

Anton Faulconbridge, CEO of Rant, says: “The rebrand was the next logical step for the company. Partners and investors often refer to us as Rant, and drop the ‘media’ that comes alongside it. The letterforms that we’ve chosen are professional, yet playful, which allow us to stand out against our competitors, while adding in personality to the branding.

“The relationships we create, the work we deliver and how we operate has changed a lot since we set up in 2003, and while why we do the work remains the same, the current brand no longer closely reflects who we are or even what we do for our partners.

“The whole team have all helped contribute to the branding, and we’re so proud of how the brand reflects the growth we’re aiming for and the journey we’re heading on.”

We extend our gratitude to our remarkable team, clients, and partners who have been integral in shaping this journey. The road ahead beckons with opportunities for innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to elevating digital possibilities.

Here’s to embracing excellence, inspiring innovation, and redefining digital landscapes together!

Celebrating Recognition: The Heart of Achievement

Participation in the Global Digital Excellence Awards is more than recognition; it’s a celebration of our team’s dedication and innovation. Beyond statistics, it’s a testament to our unwavering passion for crafting exceptional digital solutions. Being shortlisted reflects our team’s ability to blend design finesse with technical prowess.

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